Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Crew:
My Drawings:
The Animals:This year was awesome and bumming all at the same time. We went to Central Park Zoo this time! I liked the intimate feel of having a couple nice buds around and drawing the a-nee-mals. But for usually having 30+ people come... 4 was sad for an organized event. It didn't rain and I was very glad for that! Afterwards, we went to a wonderful BBQ party in Sunnyside and got to hang out! It was a very nice day! :)

ASIFA EAST drawing session @ SVA 2009 #04

Some ASIFA sessions I attended this year so far. I think I'm beginning to improve on some things, but I'm noticing I'm losing on others. I wish I could sift it out and make things look really great! hhhmmm practice... practice...